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Mission Statement

The goal of Breedtech ltd is to Breed the livestock that were kept under subsistence level for commercial production by management and intervention to promote profitability and sustainability. The vertical integration is not only for sustainability but the project to spread roots and anchor on strong foundation of local farmers.
Breedtech is an integrator that will power the development of the Indigenous chicken in Kenya, the benefits to the local people cannot be underestimated.

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About Breedtech

Breedtech, as the name denotes, is the culmination of research and market study enduring several years seeking an out-of-the-box solution that would allow him to realize his goal. We have started breeding the guinea fowls and turkey and will soon follow with the quails and partridges. We are already in business supplying small scale hatcheries with fertilized eggs, breeding cockerels and manure to farmers before the start of the hatchery, and with a proven business this will eliminate the traditional start-up.

At Breedtech, we have recruited a team of professionals to run the company to enhance the quality and efficiency in production, feed formulation, breeding, and distribution to put us ahead of the market, by effective marketing and company policy adherence.

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Wishing to get into the lucrative poultry business? Talk to us Today!
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