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About Us

About Us

Breedtech Ltd is a poultry farming company involved in breeding of indigenous chicken to come up with an improved breed using modern technology.

It was incorporated on August 15th 2013, after seven years of breeding the indigenous chicken to come up with an improved breed, a dream realized by Dr. Mwangale, who after several years in the Agro-industry consultancy decided to enter the food industry with something new and unique.

Breedtech, as the name denotes, is the culmination of research and market study enduring several years seeking an out-of-the-box solution that would allow him to realize his goal. We have started breeding the guinea fowls and turkey and will soon follow with the quails and partridges. We are already in business supplying small scale hatcheries with fertilized eggs, breeding cockerels and manure to farmers before the start of the hatchery, and with a proven business this will eliminate the traditional start-up.

Breedtech is set to enter into this unique market with a proven  breeding program and established farmers whom we have trained  as part of our program to promote the company.

Breedtech has also established the relationship with Techno Serve,  an American NGO supporting the small scale farm groups to  promote the development of the indigenous chicken in Nyanza,  Kakamega, Bungoma, Lugari; we have been training their farmers as part of this program and are assured of an off-take of most of our hatchery production.

In order to deliver these services we have recruited a team of professionals to run the company to enhance the quality and efficiency in production, feed formulation, breeding, and distribution to put us ahead of the market, by effective marketing and company policy adherence.

Dr. Mwangale has 35 years experience in business, having managed several companies which culminated in Agro-industry consultancy. He will guide a vibrant team of young Directors to set the course of Breedtech ltd.

Breedtech ltd is located in Trans-Nzoia county, approximately 20 Km from Kitale town on the Kitale-Kisumu Highway.

Business Objective and Market:

The goal of Breedtech ltd is to breed the livestock that were kept under subsidence level to commercial production by management intervention to promote profitability and sustainability. After several years of genetic selection we have bred our own improved indigenous chicken which is fast growing and the egg weight improved from the original indigenous chicken egg weight of 30-35 grams to 50-55 grams a tremendous achievement.

We are ready to multiply this improved Indigenous chicken to sell to local farmers. Our breed has not lost its brooding characteristics of the indigenous chicken which makes it more acceptable to small scale farmers for reason of multiplication. We have obtained a license from the Kenya Wildlife service to breed Guinea fowls, Quails, Partridges, which are becoming popular in the up market Hotels.

We are breeding turkeys for the potential market of the oil industry in Turkana. The goal of Breedtech ltd is to be a pioneer in commercialization of these species and  provide quality indigenous chicken, fertilized eggs, breeding cockerels, day old  chicks, quail meat and eggs, guinea fowl meat, partridge meat and turkey meat for the Kenyan market and the export market.

Breedtech will offer the Kenyan markets a variety of meats, from well fed Indigenous chicken, guinea fowls, turkeys, quails, and partridges. We make our feeds so we guarantee that the meat will not be adulterated; all will be organic products.

It is a commercially oriented pioneer breeder of the following products:

- Genetically improved indigenous chicken (broilers)
- Quails
- Guinea fowls
- Partridge
- Turkey

With vertical integration we can sign long term contracts which will give us an added advantage over our competitors. We are already selling fertilized eggs, breeding cockerels, culled chicken, and as we start production of feeds and day old chicks, the demand will increase.

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